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Our Process

Although we follow a defined and disciplined approach for each client, the root of our process is first taking the time to understand who you are as a person – your needs, wants, risks, areas of concern, and long-term goals. Learning as much as possible about you enables us to craft the most appropriate strategy, as we want to ensure your plan targets your goals with utmost precision.

Our complete process consists of four key steps:


As we've described above, the first step is setting up a meeting where we'll discuss your needs and goals in depth.


Once we've defined your desired destination, we'll gather as much data as possible to give us a complete picture of your current financial landscape. We'll aggregate the data and analyze it to determine our course of action.


The next step is to develop your financial plan. Once complete we will present our recommendations to you, explaining the rationale behind them so that you can make educated decisions. We welcome any concerns you may have and will tweak the plan to your satisfaction as necessary.


Once we have settled on a plan, we will help you implement it so that it can start tackling your goals. We'll do a follow-up review with you a few weeks later to ensure we're off to a smooth start. Thereafter, we will continue to monitor your plan and periodically check in with you. Your plan will be designed to evolve with you, so we will also make any necessary updates along the way as you move through your life stages.

If you're ready to lay your financial concerns to rest with a defined and time-tested approach, we want to help you.Call us today at 940-442-5584 or email

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